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Coronavirus Health Update March 26: COVID-19 vaccine to using Zinc for immunity, latest health news

Coronavirus has been increasing at an alarming rate. As the country stepped into Day 2 of nationwide lockdown, it reported new cases for COVID=19 from Uttar Pradesh and deaths in Gujarat and Srinagar, bringing India's toll to 14. The number of confirmed cases in the country has crossed 600 mark and it is very important for everyone to take lockdown seriously right now. From washing hands regularly to keeping the immunity strong, follow the steps to stay protected from Coronavirus.

With millions of people infected with the coronavirus, the whole world is currently waiting for the vaccine to escape the deadly virus. Around 35 pharma companies and institutions around the world are working on making vaccines. Four companies have also started testing their vaccine on animals. The Science General of the American Association of Advancement in Science (AAAS) has reported that Boston's biotech company Moderna Therapeutics, in collaboration with the National Institute of Allergy and Infection Disease, is at the forefront of making vaccines through an internal safety trial.

The company said it plans to distribute the vaccine to health care workers by September this year. Moderna has shared little information about the technology it has developed. This unprecedented pace of vaccine production stems from treatment of the genetic sequence of SAARC-Cove-2 in China, which is the leading cause of the coronavirus.

The Medical Authority of China shared the information of the virus with the research group in January without losing time. Because of this collaboration, research companies from all over the world developed this virus alive and studied how this virus enters human tissues and makes them sick.

According to a report in The Guardian, a Maryland-based company called Novavax has said that it has created a new vaccine and has many candidates who have come to them voluntarily for human testing. According to global regulations, clinical trials of any new vaccine are mandatory in three different stages. 

In the first stage, the vaccine is tested on a few dozen healthy voluntary individuals to check its adverse effects and safety. In the second stage, vaccines are tested on hundreds of people who live in parts of the epidemic-affected world and see how effective the vaccine is.

In the third stage, it is tested on thousands of people to test the effectiveness of vaccine in fighting the disease. All companies, including Moderna, must go through these three stages to create a successful vaccine for the pandemic.