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6 Simple Ways To Use Buttermilk To Improve Skin Tone

With these DIY home remedies using buttermilk, you'll never spend hours or money on expensive facial treatments
Buttermilk, as we know it, is one of the key ingredients found in most Indian households. Whether summer or winter, we can never have enough of buttermilk stored in our kitchens. Rightfully so, it has many health benefits like keeping you cool in the summer, aids digestion, clears the colon and what not. It is no surprise that this superfood has many benefits for the skin as well. Buttermilk contains lactic acid that contains good bacteria and fats that works like magic for the skin by penetrating right into the skin's surface and removing dead cells. Other than that, buttermilk also contains astringent properties that lighten dark spots to reveal naturally bright and even skin tone. Buttermilk is also an excellent source of calcium and protein, which boost collagen levels of the skin to treat fine lines and early signs of ageing. With these face packs and masks, you will never run to the salon for a facial treatment but to the kitchen for some natural goodness.