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Mother's Day 2020: Amazing DIY gift ideas to make your mother feel special amid lockdown

Mother's Day is right around the corner which means that you must be thinking about how you can make your mother feel really special on the day. Amid the lockdown, Mother's Day 2020 is obviously going to  be a different than previous ones as you can't go out to celebrate and also the gifting options are simply limted. However, there are ton of other DIY gift ideas that are affordable and don’t require getting out of the house. So, what you waitimg for? Let's get started right away. Here are some amazing DIY gift ideas to make your mother feel special on her special day amid lockdown.

Do household chores

Whether it’s in the bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen, odds are your mom has been tidying up after you for most of your life. This Mother’s Day is your chance to show mom that she taught you well. Put a smile on her face by doing the household chores giving her the much-needed relaxation that she deserves


Make a card for your beloved mother

Handmade gifts make some of the most thoughtful, cost-effective gifts you can think of. A handmade card where you have poured your heart out expressing your precious love and respect for your mother will definitely make her feel special. 

Make some desserts

This Mother's Day, bake her happy! You can bake some nice cake or cookies and if you are not much of a cook, then you can always ask the expert for help-your mother.

Create space in your home just for her

Whether it’s a room or a nook, set up an area that’s hers alone. Fill it with her favorite things and make it her place to recharge.

Video call your mother

When you can’t be there in person, the next best thing to being with mom on Mother’s Day is through a video chat.