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Benefits Of Air Drying Hair: Guide To Healthy Hair At Home Without Heat Damage


Blow dryers can be a godsend for so many, especially when one needs to leave the house real quick. No one wants to step out with dripping wet, damp strands, now do they? While the almost magical hairstyling tool is a staple in beauty kits everywhere, when used often enough, it can cause a great deal of harm. If you rely on your blow dryer close to daily, your tresses are headed for trouble town because the heat emitted can leave it dry and damaged over time. Instead turn to air drying. While leaving your hair to dry naturally after a wash has been followed since the very beginning of time itself, air drying takes it a step ahead and treats it with caution so that hair stays healthy and true to its texture once dry.Benefits Of Air Drying For Healthy Hair At Home
Blow dryers make the process of hair drying much quicker and its finish silky and shiny. But done too frequently and it will damage your locks. Which is why you should choose air drying on a regular basis because the benefits of air drying simply can't be beat.
Air drying uses less to no heat which means strands are less prone to heat damage.

Without the threat of heat sapping out moisture over time, hair has less chance of becoming dry and frizzy.

Air drying helps hair retain its natural texture rather than making all hair types straight.