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Anushka Sharma & Julia Michaels: Separated at birth?

American singer Julia Michaels was talk of the town last year due to her striking resemblance with Bollywood actress Anushka. Her new photos still remind netizens of Anushka. Julia recently posted a selfie in which she is seen with her hair tied up. "I basically don't do my hair anymore lol but y'all I'm workin on all kinds of fun music and I'm so excited," she captioned it. She stunned many with her pretty looks, but there were some who again pointed out how she reminded them of Anushka. One commented: "I thought this was @anushkasharma." Her other posts also received similar comments - "Oh my god that's like @anushkasharma."

Last year, Anushka had reacted to a message by her "doppelganger", Julia, after a photograph of Julia went viral online for their uncanny resemblance. Julia had tweeted a collage of their photographs and captioned it: "Hi Anushka Sharma, apparently we are twins." The Indian actress acknowledged the message and wrote: "OMG Yes! I have been looking for you and the remaining five of our doppelgangers all my life."