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The Criminal Law and Managing Children's Behaviour

It explains what the criminal law says about how parents, caregivers, and teachers may respond when children under their care are misbehaving or doing something that might be dangerous to themselves or others. It describes what actions are acceptable and what actions may lead to criminal charges and a possible conviction for breaking the law.

Tips to Guide Your Child's Behaviour in a Positive Way

Sometimes parents feel frustrated by their children's behaviour and do not know what to do. All children need guidance to help them learn self-control. Positive guidance, or 'discipline', teaches children skills, raises their self-esteem, and strengthens the parent-child bond. Physical punishment is not positive discipline. Children need safe, stable and nurturing relationships with their parents.

Parent Information Series ( Alberta Health)

It is not easy being a parent these days—especially if your kids are at the age when they may start to experiment with tobacco, alcohol, other drugs or gambling. The Parent Information Series is designed to answer frequently asked questions and give parents like you factual information that may help you prevent your children from using drugs, help them make healthy lifestyle choices and support them in making changes in their lives

Bed time stories for children

Which child is not fond of bed time stories? I have seen parents finding it difficult to find stories to narrate it to their kids every day. Nursery rhymes are usually narrated to their kids by their grandmas or moms themselves. Though I haven’t seen many fathers being good at the art, one can always try!...........

Extra curricular Activities for Children

In today’s competitive world, your child is expected to be a master at all. Also, going with the popular idiom- All work and no play makes jack a dull boy proves that extra curricular activities should be encouraged.  

Nail biting habits

Nail biting, hair twirling, nose picking, thumb sucking etc are some of the common habits that are found in children. Most parents constantly complain about these habits that their children have. However, I have realized that it is only a phase for children and that with due time, it fades away when you explain its repercussions to them...........

Eating Out With Kids

We have seen a lot of young parents avoid going to restaurants and hotels because they have to ‘manage’ their kids. However, on the contrary, it is very essential that you take your kids out to restaurants to teach them good table manners and etiquettes

Holiday Bonding With Children

Kids love the thrill in holidays and look forward to action packed fun, drama and yummy treats. There is only one side-effect of such pleasure trips and that is emotional bonding with your child. One is much at peace during holidays as the chores are not routine and there is time to unwind. Enhance the enjoyment by partaking in activities as suggested by your child. Hectic lives and standardized everyday patterns seldom let us look for the special things in our own lives. Unknowingly we also ignore our children’s ex-press ions. It is certainly a prudent idea to make some savings particularly for holiday trips..........

How to help your child deal with fears

Fear and anxiety is something that everyone experiences at all ages. The feeling is particularly uncomfortable especially amongst children. However some research shows that with children, such feelings are normal and necessary. This is mainly because experiencing and dealing with fears and anxieties can prepare children to handle the challenging situations of life.

Teaching Values and Ethics to Children

It is a great responsibility on parent’s shoulder to teach their kids values and ethics so that they grow up to be responsible moral citizen of the country. Teaching your child about these issues require patience. Kids may be tempted to do something that may be immoral or unethical. The idea is not to punish them but to make them understand how certain behavior is undesirable. As a parent, you should be able to control your temper and understand the mentality of your child..........

Tips For Parenting Your Childs

Parents need to ensure that their children are safe especially when they play out. Safety tips for parents when children play outside are: Do not let your child go out of the building compound without your permission. Warn your child not to play alone in isolated areas. Empty houses and construction areas should be avoided when playing. Parenting: Fundamental Guidelines While parenting was never considered as an easy job, but following few fundamental guidelines always help a great deal in handling kids. A child needs to be handled with a mix of care, caution and essentially discipline. Sense of discipline must be instilled in a child right from the beginning. This will go a long way in shaping his future life. Few guidelines are; More.........