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Alberta Driver Guides

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Alberta Class 7 Learner`s Lience Exam. 125 Questions

To pass the test you need to answer 25 out of 30 questions. Probable answers are suggested. You have choose right one after reading the book.

Practice Learners Driving Liecence

On line free Alberta Learner`s Driving liecence Practice

Driving tips for roundabouts

Driving Tips Video

Drivers Safety Car Drivers: Understanding Large Vehicles

When a passenger vehicle collides with a larger truck or bus, the results can be tragic. While crashes involving trucks and buses represent only 8.7% of total collisions, they account for 21% of fatalities. And much more........ 

Tires Safety You Must Know (Every Thing About Tires)

Your vehicle’s tires are engineered to perform safely, day in and day out. But to do their job right, tires need regular maintenance. This pamphlet provides the information you need to maintain your tires properly.

How to Get First Driving Liecence in Alberta

Make sure you qualify........

Car Accident- What to Do?

Stay Calm. make sure you and passenger are OK amd More....

City Driving Tips Especially in Unfamiliar Area/ City

Many people will avoid driving in any busy downtown area, big or small because it can be very confusing with one way as well as two way city streets and many intersections. More.......

How to Get Drivers Liecence In Alberta Canada

It is the law in Alberta that a person must surrender any and all foreign driver’s licences when they obtain any class of Alberta operator’s licence. It is illegal in Alberta to hold any other driver’s licence and an Alberta driver’s licence at the same time and much more.........

Driving Tips- videos

Driver`s Distraction,  Seat Beats, What Is Holding You Back, What Is Holding You Back, Speed, Commercial Vehicales, Motorcycles And Many more . All Explained in Videos

Driving Tips Sharing the Road Safely with Big Trucks

Sharing the road is a common topic of conversation between truckers and passenger vehicles. Motorists accuse truckers of hogging the road, tailgating and driving too fast. And truckers complain that automobile drivers use the road for fun, whereas for them, driving is a profession.

Driving Tips Beware of Wildlife on Alberta Roads

The sudden appearance of a wild animal in the middle of the road is a driver's nightmare. Alberta has an abundance of wildlife and many are active during the winter months.  more.......

Class 7 learner’s licence . Sample Tests

Here you will find information on a variety of topics such as the types and  classes of drivers' licences, rules of the road, information on how we deal with  problem drivers and items about enforcement agencies and programs

Winter Driving Tips

Winter weather is hard on your vehicle and its engine. Prepare for winter in the fall, by getting a complete check-up of your: and much more....