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About us

SPICE  is a online radio in Calgary and surrounding areas and, of course, around the world that spices up the lives of our Desi listeners 24/7. SPICE  is determined to bringing our listeners the latest greatest in South Asian entertainment, news and sports. Our RJ’s will spice up your life in Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu. See our full schedule for details.

SPICE understands the demand in the South Asian community for a broader level of entertainment, and notices the increasing numbers of 2nd generation Desi’s who want programming that speaks their language and targets their interests.

SPICE strongly believe in the personality of a station. Ours was conceived keeping in mind, the emerging Asian youth, who is mature, ambitious, well informed, adventurous and curious. While soaring and scaling the heights of the modern world, they treasure the roots that bind them to the culture that made them. Radio spice will embody their dreams, aspirations, opinions, moods and will be an extension of its listeners.