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According to the latest Stats Canada results, South Asians now represents the largest visible minority group in Canada with a population of over 1.2 million. In Calgary and the surrounding areas alone, there is a South Asian population of over 100,000. In order to captivate this market, specially marketing is crucial as it is important to speak directly to South Asians and break through the clutter. Spice Radio and Pages provides proven and effective means of reaching and appealing to this demographic.

Who we are
Spice Radio and Pages has been bringing the best in South Asian entertainment to Calgarians. Over the past ten years Spice Radio and Pages has raised the bar in quality programming and advertising, has established an impeccable reputation of trust and respect, and has reached record numbers of people from all South Asian demographics.

Benefits of Advertising with us
1. Reach Canada's largest ethnic group in Calgary with a population of over 100,000
2. Spice Radio and Pages  has built a reputation for quality programming over the past ten years and is a trusted favourite.
3. Flexibility to air, personalized messages or time sensitive information such as sales or limited time offers!

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