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Canadian Immigration & Citizenship

Canada Study Visa Probable Interview Questions Visa officer may ask and answer tips

1. How are you doing?

2. Have you ever been to Canada before?

3. Why do you want to study in Canada?

Note: Visa officer wants to understand your intentions to go to Canada. As you are applying for Canada student Visa so you should only talk about that.

4. Why did you select this particular university?

Note: You should go through the website and handbook of your university carefully. Pen down some highlighted features such as World ranking, the research facility, the faculty profile, Alumni profile etc. Visa officer wants to know the reason behind joining the particular University.

5. For which course are you going?

Note: You should go through the course content carefully. You should know everything such as: Duration, Fee, commencement & end date, Credits points, curriculum etc. about your course.

6. Why did you choose this course?

Note: You should be very clear about your future plans after doing this course. Prepare a good statement mentioning about: How course is relevant to your previous degree, how this course adds value to you profile, why you are interested in doing this course etc.

7. Why don’t you do this course here in India?

Note: You should know what difference the course would bring to you if done from Canada instead of India. If the course is not available in India, you can tell the Visa Officer that it is not offered in India. If the same course is available in India, highlight the differences in the quality of education and the course structure in India and Canada. You should convince the Visa Officer that doing this course from Canada will add value to your profile. Talk about a few researches being conducted in that field. Technical words work out when other things don’t.

8. Which are the other universities you have applied to?

Note: Visa Officer wants to know if you are really serious about your education.

9. How are you going to fund your education?

Note: Visa Officer wants to know if you are well aware of source of your funds. This is the way to verify your documents as well.

10. Are you getting any school waiver?

Note: Mention if you are getting any tuition fee waiver or teaching assistantship or research assistantship. That will prove to be a positive point.

11. Why do you think the university is giving scholarship to you?

Note: You should know how much scholarship you are getting and probably the reason university is giving scholarship to you Visa Officer wants to know if you are aware of the scholarship programs and financial aid. Also if you have submitted any Statement of Purpose for scholarship then mention about that and carry a copy of the same.

12. From where did you do your under graduation?

Note: Mention the name of the course and the university. If the university has high ranking or some specific feature, mention that too.

13. Tell me something about your past?

Note: Be prepared to tell them that what you were doing between your last school and till today. Make sure your answers are focusing on your achievements, skills, you being a sincere student.

14. Who is sponsoring your education?

Note: If you have a scholarship, say that. Else mention the name of your sponsors; you may add that your father and mother are supporting you for your higher education as per the financial documents.

15. What does he do?

Note: Visa officer basically wants to verify the financial capability of the sponsors. You are advised to go through the Income tax returns, and supporting documents of your sponsors carefully. Have a good idea of the income source of your sponsors.

16. What savings does your family have?

Note: Make sure your answer focus on proof of having sufficient funds. Go through the financial documents carefully and mention the savings as per the documents. Always carry a detailed bank account statements and CA report with you. If you have taken an education loan then do mention about that and carry a copy of Loan letter with you.

17. What is your father’s annual income?

Note: Visa Officer wants to know if your father’s annual income is sufficient enough to meet your expenses of studying abroad. They think that money can be put into banks, but annual income is a proof which they heavily rely upon to decide the student’s parent’s capability to meet his educational expenses. You should mention the annual income as per IT returns.

18. How many brothers and sisters do you have?

Note: Such kind of questions is basically to verify whether your family has other members for whom your parents may have to raise fund later on. Basically such questions are asked to evaluate the balance of income and expenses of the family.

19. Do you have any relative in Canada?

Note: Be truthful at this instance. Visa Officer will have record of this (about your brother/sister/Mother/Father) with them. If your distant aunt or uncle stays there, then you don’t have to say about them. All that matters is your immediate relatives i.e. own brother, sister, father or mother. Any of your relative overstaying in Canada may not be favorable considered.

20. Is your brother/sister enjoying there?

Note: Visa officer wants to know what the intentions of your brothers and sisters are.

21. What are the course commencement and completion dates?

Note: You should remember the exact dates. Visa Officer wants to know if you are well aware of the course duration and start date.

22. Where do you plan to stay in Canada?

Note: Mention the address where you have planned. This should reflect that you are serious about your studies and have made all arrangements for your education abroad.

23. What do you plan to do during your vacations?

Note: Visa officer wants to know your ties to your home country. You can say that you plan to come back to meet your family and friends here in India.

24. Show me your GRE and TOEFL/ILET Score?

Note: Carry all documents in such a way that it becomes easy for you to remove and present them to Visa Officer without any wastage of time, whenever asked for. Always try to put the better score on the top. The speed at which you are able to show the relevant document whenever asked for also counts a lot. Visa Officer wants to know how sincere you are at your studies. Remember your scores and exam dates.


25. What is your undergraduate GPA?

Note: You should convert your percentage in GPA and remember it exactly.

26. Can you show me your degree?

Note Handover the degree confidently and look at the visa officer. If asked only for a degree, do not show the mark sheets of each semester.

27. Mention some professors’ name?

Note: Do research the university and find out specifically the professors in your department before going for visa interview.

28. Did you get in touch with any professors in this University?

Note: Before going for visa interview, you should contact professors in your department. VO wants to know how sincere you are for doing graduation from your chosen university.

29. What are your future plans? Do you intend to stay in Canada?

Note: Your answers should reflect clarity of thought, clarity of your intentions and strong ties to your home country.

30. Do you plan to work there?

Note: Visa Officer wants to know your intentions. You should answer in such a way that Visa Officer is convinced that you are financially strong and plan to return to your home country after completing your studies.

31. Do you have enough funds while you are there?

Note: You should be confident and say yes. Visa Officer wants to know if you have enough funds to meet your educational expenses.

32. What is the location of your university?

Note: You should do some research on your university before visa interview. You should know its exact location and the location of different campus as well (if any). Location might be one of the reasons that you selected this particular university, so make sure that you know its exact location.

33. What’s the difference you can make by doing your MS in Canada?

Note: You get better opportunities once you do your MS. Show foreign companies coming to India investing in your field. State some technical words expressing the advancements in your field.

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